About Scriptique

Scriptique: specialized legal translation office

DS Translates is now called Scriptique

Scriptique is the new name for DS Translates. Our company was created in 2013 by Delphine Smetryns, a former attorney and trilingual professional. Our company developed recognized expertise in legal and financial translations and has since expanded its offering to individual customers.


Scriptique is a combination of Script, from the Latin scriptum which means “writing,” and Critique, the art of analysing intellectual, literary or artistic works. Translation is not only about writing and mastering the subtleties and richness of the target language; it is also about looking at the original text with a critical eye, putting it in context, understanding its purpose, and in some cases finding hidden meaning or subtext.

Delphine Smetryns

Specialized in real estate and commercial law, Delphine Smetryns practiced as a lawyer for several years before becoming a certified translator and founding Scriptique.

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