Certified translations

Translation office Scriptique : for sworn translation of your official documents

Scriptique is authorized to produce sworn translations that are valid in all European Union countries in French, English or Dutch. When certification is not necessary, we also supply non-certified translations.

What is a certified translation?

Certified translations are performed by a translator who has been sworn by a court. The translator is considered to have the skills necessary to provide translations that are officially recognized by judicial and administrative institutions as being true to the original.

The judicial and administrative authorities of a country or region only recognize documents established in the official language of that country or region. If a document is drawn up in another language, translations are accepted if they are certified. This applies to official documents such as birth and death certificates, marriage, divorce and adoption certificates, name changes, naturalization documents, certificates of good conduct and diplomas.

What is legalization of a translation?

In some cases, certified translations are not enough and your documents must be legalized. This is an additional formality that officially attests to the authenticity of the signature, as well as the quality and identity of the translator. It offers courts and governments the guarantee that the translator is truly a certified translator.

Depending on your needs, Scriptique provides certified and non-certified translations, as well as legalization of your official documents.

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