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Scriptique delivers translations for all legal professionals

Our translation company specializes in legal and financial translation.

We offer certified and non-certified translations for:

  • Legal professionals
  • Companies
  • Individuals

Courts, law firms, notary’s offices, bailiffs:

We work for courts, law firms, notary’s offices, bailiffs, university professors and all legal professionals.

We speak the same language: the language of quality and speed

You know better than anyone the importance of linguistic accuracy and capturing ideas in their context. Beyond mastery of language, our translators are native speakers and professionals specialized in the law: former legal professionals or lawyers.

This is how we provide translations that meet your every expectation. We translate procedural documents, contracts, corporate documents and notarial deeds, among others.

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Procedural documents

Contracts and corporate documents

Notarial deeds

  • Judgment, decision, decree
  • Formal notice
  • Assignment
  • Request
  • Conclusions, briefs and submissions
  • Arbitral award
  • Expert report
  • Judicial writ
  • Legal opinion
  • Legal publication
  • Legislation
  • Articles and memorandum of incorporation
  • Shareholders agreement
  • Minutes of general and executive body meetings (board of directors, etc.)
  • Share transfer agreement
  • NDA
  • Residential lease
  • Commercial lease
  • General terms of sale and purchase
  • Employment contract
  • Commercial contract (distribution and commercial agency agreements, etc.)
  • Marriage contract
  • Will and deed of gift
  • Unilateral, bilateral or preliminary sales agreement
  • Deed of sale
  • Mortgage deed
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